• Eats

      Pachamama Soul food permanent menu items. Can all be made GF upon request. Soup changes daily! Feature dishes rotating weekly, call for more info

    • Apple Cheez panini

      Apple Cheez panini


      Toasted till melty, Whole wheat or GF bread, with a filling of Gala apple slices, vegan cheez shreds & sunflower seed cheez,

    • BLT Panini

      BLT Panini


      Homemade lentil bacon, tomatoes, coconut-based cheez slice, homemade sunflower seed cheez, lettuce, multigrain bread slices (GF available)

    • Buffalo Chick'n Caesar wrap

      Buffalo Chick'n Caesar wrap


      Sautéed soy curls and chickpeas, tossed in herbs and spices, Vegan Caesar dressing and buffalo sauce. Rolled in a tortilla with Kale and purple cabbage, then grilled in the Panini press. Served with a side of our cilantro lime jalapeno cabbage slaw

    • Cheezy Linguine

      Cheezy Linguine


      Linguine noodles tossed in our homemade sunflower seed cheez sauce, topped with seed sprinkle (flax, sesame, pumpkin) and chopped spinach. GF option available, longer wait time

    • Hummus & Pan bread

      Hummus & Pan bread


      Proper portion of Pickled Beet hummus served w/ lentil chickpea flour pan bread. Always GF

    • Smashed Avocado toast

      Smashed Avocado toast


      Toasted French loaf bread stacked with Smashed avocado, tomatoes, chopped spinach, seed blend & sunflower seed cheez

    • Veg Quesadilla

      Veg Quesadilla


      Toasted folded tortilla filled with basmati rice, chickpeas, onions, mushrooms, peppers, tomato, garlic & spices. Served with a side of Pickled beet hummus and/or cilantro lime jalapeno sauce

    • Drinks

      Pachamama Soul coffees, teas, elixirs and more

    • Beetroot Love

    • Chaga Mocha

    • Chocolate Chaga

    • Golden Mylk

    • Green Machine

    • Mojo Enhancer

    • Zen Water


      Healthy tasty concoction of: Spirulina, Lions Mane Mushroom, Beetroot, Cacao, Turmeric, Cinnamon, Clove, Chaga Tea & Oat milk

    • Kids Menu

      Pachamama Soul food for kids

    • Apples & Homemade Caramel

    • Cheez Quesadilla or Grilled Cheez Sandwich

    • Kids Smoothies

    • Mac N Cheez


      Regular or gluten-free penne noodles tossed in our homemade saucy seed cheez. We are entirely plant-based, with zero use of any animal products whatsoever. We use soy, nuts, seeds, and many other common allergens. We can always do our best to accommodate all dietary requirements, but we can not guarantee that cross-contamination of allergens is not present.

    • PB&J Panini

    • Veggies & Dip

    • Smoothies

      Pachamama Soul drinks

    • Banana Beet Berry


      Banana, strawberries, beet, oat mylk, filtered water

    • Blueberry Lavender


      Banana, blueberries, lavender, oat mylk, filtered water

    • Choco Banana


      Banana, raw organic cacao, organic cane sugar, oat mylk, filtered water

    • Choco Coffee Cloud


      Banana, raw organic cacao, locally roasted coffee, oat mylk

    • Greenberry Smoothie


      Spirulina, Banana, Blueberries, Strawberry, plant milk, filtered water, organic cane sugar

    • Oreo Mylkshake


      Oreos (regular or GF), banana, filtered water, oat mylk

    • Rooted Citrus Sunrise

      Orange, Banana, Ginger, Golden mylk mix, Homemade oat seed mylk and filtered water

    • Strawberry Creamsicle


      Banana, strawberries, oat mylk, filtered water, organic cane suga

    • Zen Water Smoothie


      Banana, zen water mix, oat mylk, filtered water

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