Pachamama Soul
Pachamama Soul Flavour Emporium
"You fill our cup, let us fill yours."
Gluten-friendly - 100% Plant-based - Licensed

Our story

Our family has always had a passion for all things culinary. Wherever we travel, our first stop is at the local markets; then we invite locals to come break bread, try our new creations and share our table.

Everything is an excuse to make a meal for friends and family.

We were encouraged by everyone’s love for our food and our love to cook for everyone. Also, south Calgary was lacking healthy, plant-based, gluten-friendly places to eat. All of a sudden, the path appeared in front of us.

The seed was planted with the intention of nourishment

We strive to nourish the mind, body and soul, with care for the environment at the fore; and having the most fun while doing so. As those ideals continued to be nurtured, Pachamama Soul sprouted into the colorful community gathering space that it is today.

Not only do we serve an amazing cup of coffee with a warm smile, but we are also renowned for our eclectic comfort food, craft beverages and baked goods that you won’t believe are actually healthy.